D1nman's "new" tow pig/covered wagon

Discussion in 'Under Construction' started by D1nman, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. D1nman

    D1nman Active Member

    Hello cgm, long time no see

    Finally, after ~4 years, found my way back into another GM truck.

    Was out in Utah for work and picked up (for the price) an excellent tow pig/parts hauler for my abysmal Mercedes diesel collection


    1999 GMC Suburban 2500
    Sick period correct VHS only entertainment system
    250,xxx miles

    Tossed a new continental belt on, changed the oil, and drove it non-stop 26 hrs / 1500 miles home from Utah without a single issue.

    Paint is trash on top, but no rust, no serious body damage, and the interior is surprisingly clean

    Other than paint, the worst problem is the P.O. put some of those awesome Blue autozone LED strips in the floors and roof

    Plan to find a good OEM grille for it, and get it sitting high enough to clear 33" Toyo MT's, then just clean it up and do some small clean mods to it, whatever that may be

    Pics from my journey home








    Two pending issues- maybe you GM Gods can help me out as i am rusty

    Fuel gauge is either full or empty most of the time. Sending unit on pump maybe? I just learned to fill it slap full every ~250 miles or so...

    And then now, after towing a trailer and using the 7 pin connector, my brake lights ONLY work when operating the slider on the aftermarket (hayes) brake controller. Brake pedal gives no light. The LED on the controller used to light up every time i hit the pedal, now i get nothing, unless i run in the slider on the brake controller

    I should just get out and troubleshoot it, but, i just had my gallbladder removed 2 days ago, so there's my excuse

    Anyways, glad i can post again, maybe i will keep this one around
  2. TheBrettster

    TheBrettster Administrator Staff Member

    100% the sending unit, you can replace the unit itself, but with the age and such, might be wise to just do the entire pump
  3. Tylers88

    Tylers88 3 GM's and a Jeep

    To get it up enough just turn the keys up, OBS don’t need keys to crank it up a lot, if it needs keys you actually need new torsion bars.
  4. D1nman

    D1nman Active Member

    Hell yeah, I'm a crackhead and didn't even check the fuse box in the dash. Was just a fuse for the lights

    Yeah, the same happened on my NBS with the sending unit, but as you mentioned, if you're already in there, plus the unknown age/condition of the pump.... Just replace the pump

    Good to know on the keys. There's like 2" of thread or more left on the bolts.

    Time to crank it to the moon / knock out the blocks in the back / toss on some curbed 22x14's 3" spacers / nitto 420

    No but I probably will go up a few turns when I get some tires. May do spacers in the back because these things have that cool prerunner stance from the factory for whatever reason. I've always liked these wheels though
  5. Connor

    Connor Well-Known Member

    Going to be sick inman.
  6. gmc00z

    gmc00z Active Member

    wider track width to accomodate the larger front diff bc 3/4 ton. Can't recall the size spacer required to even out track width

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