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    As many of you know, I just got my truck up and running. After asking local tuners who couldn't seem to be bothered answering more than a few questions, I found Richard offering tunes.

    For those that don't know, he's been a huge member over on performance trucks for a long time and has had some pretty awesome NA, Turbo, SC, and Nitrous builds over the years.

    Before I even purchased anything from him we had multiple email exchanges that involved me bouncing questions off of him and him troubleshooting with me. Usually he would get back to me within the hour, at the latest the next morning if it was late at night.

    So far today, I've had 10 exchanges with him alone and multiple logs have been reviewed by him, along with updating the tune and getting that over to me.

    All in all he's a stand up guy who has done nothing but answer my questions and help me get the truck where it needs to be. A+ service in my book.
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    I also worked with him to help test the 2wd coilovers for 99-06 brackets. He is very customer service oriented and always willing to answer a question even if you don't spend a dime. I havn't used him for tuning but if you're looking to get a nice front suspension setup I'd definitely reccomend him. He has bolt on brackets for obs, nbs(2wd and 4wd) and nnbs(2wd and 4wd) and is also a viking shock dealer.
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