Adjusted's '04 Tahoe

Discussion in 'Photos' started by Adjusted, Jul 29, 2019.

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    Got a few minor things done to it. Installed Energy Suspension sway bar bushings all around to help with the amount of road-crowning and boatlike handling this thing has. Along with that, 2 new tires, and a bump up in tire PSI this thing handles much much better, still need some better shocks though. Dropped the ass end down to just a .5" rubber spacer and one spring isolator - sits much better now, with about a .5" lean. Could use a tad more but its better than ass-high or level. Replaced the intermediate shaft to correct the ever-present front end clunk in these things. Then just caught up on maintenance, and cleaned it up once before a few weeks of rain. Still pretty happy with the condition.

    Plans soon:
    Winter tire setup on 17" stockers, and polish the hell out of the Centerlines while theyre off
    Front window tint to match rear darkness
    Service front diff and transfer case for winter 4x4 needs
    Add backup camera
    This thing needs lighting upgrades all around, just not sure what to get, and if it needs to be a priority

    Here are some pics from when it was clean
    1014191823.jpg 1014191823c.jpg 1014191824_HDR.jpg 1015191305_HDR.jpg 1019191719b_HDR.jpg
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    Sharp man love the wheels on there.

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