99-06 6" mcgaughys flip, can I do 1" lift shackles to lift rear?

Discussion in 'Lowering Tech' started by Slammed01, May 16, 2017.

  1. Slammed01

    Slammed01 Member

    Not sure if the springs I bought are sagging or were de-arched or what. I f I could get it level or close to level, that's my goal. Mcgaughys flip kit in rear with oem shackles.

    265/35/22s weren't bad but the 275/45/20s are just barely tucking. Thought about airshocks but heard will rude harsh, don't want to add helpers right now and really have no need besides leveling. Thinking about shock extenders and djm lift shackles.

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  2. matslp488

    matslp488 New Member

    When my truck was 3-5 I had a lift shackle to raise the flip kit to 5”... I can’t remember the brand but the one I had was adjustable for either 1” lift and had an extra hole to set it at 0” (stock height)

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