2013 F-150 FX2 SuperCrew

Discussion in 'Under Construction' started by gmc00z, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. gmc00z

    gmc00z Active Member

    Just to update the thread.
    IMG_20190921_184211623_HDR.jpg IMG_20190921_153832404_HDR.jpg
    Evo XR3.0 projectors
    55w 6k Morimoto Kit

    Sold a couple sets of OEM Replica projector housings for more than i paid in order to scoop this up for a net of +$50. Huge improvement and see all the hype of upgraded lighting.

    Had its first "major" repair last week. Belt Tensioner bearing started to go, which in turn took out the alternator bearing, which in turn took out the water pump bearing. I heard a whurring sound of a bad bearing a while back but never thought much of it as it was very intermittent. Lesson learned.
    Tallying repair costs for the 6yrs of ownership is ~$2k so not bad all things considered. Of course, everything happened outside of the warranty period 5yr/60k. First being the coolant Y connection which is a common issue and the mentioned crap shoot above.

    Next is a new set of tires, likely a 285/55 Terra G2 if i can fit them and will need a retune due to the tire change. Outside of that, not much else planned.
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  2. slicksierra

    slicksierra Feel some type of way

    Nice love the color

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  3. Tiki

    Tiki Well-Known Member

    Who did the retro?
  4. gmc00z

    gmc00z Active Member

    Bilinvic Retrofits
  5. SamCarroll

    SamCarroll Faux Runner Staff Member

    that looks good dude. Such a clean truck. Perfect daily.
  6. gmc00z

    gmc00z Active Member

    IMO, reason why i havent went through with the temptation of the 4.5" spindle lift. Now, 4-5yrs ago may have. Find ourselves taking it back n forth from to TX to LA for family trips due to the cab size and still having to bring the dogs opposed to boarding them. The wife's GC gets a little tight now that we have the little one. Will need to replace her car once #2 is on the way.

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