For Sale: 2006 Sierra LBZ 86k miles - TX

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  1. Wicked Mayhem

    Wicked Mayhem FUCK YOU

    Looking to sell my 2006 2500HD GMC Sierra LBZ SLE2 86,8xx miles and goes up each week. Only drive about 120 miles a week generally. Bought the truck all stock in 7/2013 with 59k miles and has been deleted with all the performance stuff done since then. Truck was originally 2wd when I bought it. When I did the 4wd swap I rebuilt the front diff, new cv's, bearings and seals. Transfer case had about 10000 miles on it when I bought it. Ben at BT DieselWorks did the harness for the 4wd. Only tied into 3 wires. Everything else is plugged in like oem. Uses factory fuses and everything.

    •SDP egr delete
    •3" diamond eye down pipe
    •5" diamond eye exhaust with muffler
    •air dog II 165 lift pump
    •race fuel plug on rail
    •Trans go shift kit
    •Transfer case brace
    •Efi live with dsp5, tuned by Idaho rob
    •autometer factory match egt, and boost gauge. •On board air compressor/tank, and valves all wired up.
    •Brand new b&w turnover gooseneckhitch I got from a buddy. Installed it but never been used.
    •4-6" cognito ntbd lift.
    •cognito uca's
    •Bilstein shocks all around and steering stabilizer
    •Amp steps
    •33 gallon aux tank, gravity fed into stock tank. •20x10 methods
    •305/55 Mickey thompsons.
    •Pioneer x4600BT
    •back up camera
    •Weather tech floor mats
    •heim joint steering
    •super steer heavy duty idler pivot assembly with gusset

    No dents or dings, has some rock chips in the paint. Interior is in great shape, all stock inside minus the added gauges which are installed in the OHC, and the double din. Never been smoked in. Ash tray in pic is where I put my change lol.

    Probably missing a few things.

    If serious call/text 83two-226-one575 or PM me on here

    I can get more pics upon request. Rust free been in Texas it's whole life.

    I still owe a little money on the truck FYI.

    29k OBO


    29k OBO
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  2. racer36

    racer36 nbs lyfe

    one of my favorites, glws!

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  3. Dakota

    Dakota Dat Static 4wd

    So clean! Glws. What's next?

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  4. Nick

    Nick Active Member

    Soooo much want....... might be texting you soon

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  5. TechieTruckGuy

    TechieTruckGuy 3.5 EcoHell

    DFW. How about 20k and a big bag of skittles.

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  6. Wicked Mayhem

    Wicked Mayhem FUCK YOU

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