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    Long story short, bought some Americana paste wax once upon a time and was never truly happy with it due to not being able to open the container and the actual wax breaking up and cracking constantly even though it was always stored in a temperature controlled environment (disclaimer, this is something that has been taken care of and fixed, my container was bought prior to this). Basically chalked it up as a loss and just never really used the wax despite liking it and paying a nice price at the time for it, well weekend of the Shreveport meet I went to use some APC I had stored and only used 2-3 times and found it had busted and leaked nearly an entire bottle into my detail supplies. Decided to email Adams about it and talked about both the wax and the APC and provided pictures.

    Standing true to their word and customer satisfaction guarantee Adams offered to credit me a gift card or to replace the product, I opted to replace the product as that's all that I wanted was the product I was trying to use. They sent me another thing of APC and upgraded my Americana to Patriot.

    Kudos to Adams and the super quick and polite service that I was given. I emailed them before lunch and by 3 pm I had already exchanged a few emails and things were sorted out and on their way.

    Just wanted to give credit where it was due and say Thanks! @Adamspolishes :shake:


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