00-02 OEM Trans Temp Gauge (without mileage reprogram)

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    So you want to add a trans temp gauge to your 00-02 truck but don't want to have to get your mileage programmed? Here's what you'll need:

    00-02 cluster with trans temp gauge (make sure its from a 6.0 with the 6k rpm)
    Soldering Iron/Solder
    Desoldering Iron
    Lots of patience
    some soldering experience can be helpful

    So i bought a 00-02 cluster off ebay from a 2001 2500 hd. i've been wanting to do this mod since forever but i didn't want to have to reprogram my mileage. i knew it had to be possible to swap everything i need from the 2500 hd circuit board onto mine. some people think its JUST the overlay, stepper motor, and needle. Unfortunately, there is a bit more than that.

    So first, take everything apart to where you have the board by itself. There is also no need to remove needles for this mod. if you can't get this far without directions, this mod probably isn't for you.

    my original board (note the led's)

    2500 hd board (note the stepper motor mounts to the left. you'll be swapping those)

    now underneath the mileage display is most of the parts you will be needing. its a bit tight under there but i was able to pull the display up just enough to get to everything. all the desoldering and soldering is on the back so its not too difficult.

    here's under mine orignal board

    and here's the 2500hd

    so as you can see, you will need to swap the 5 wires and the 16 pin chip onto your board. (FYI, you can probably use pieces of small paper clips instead of swapping the wires to save some time)

    one last part that needs to be swapped

    tahoe board

    2500 hd board

    note the ceramic loaded capacitor on C1.

    now, basically everything is just desoldering parts from the 2500hd board and soldering them in the exact same spot in the same way to the non trans temp cluster.

    now i started by desoldering everything on my original board that i will need to put stuff through


    all soldered up

    don't forget you'll need to desolder/resolder the clips for the stepper motor as well. its pretty straight forward

    once everything is soldered together on the board, instead of plugging my tahoe circuit board back into the original stepper motors/gauge face, i plugged it straight into the 2500hd stepper motors/face. this prevents any need from getting a new gauge face overlay, needles, stepper motor, etc. and i also retain everything from my original cluster. miles, warning lights, functions, etc.

    and there you have it.

    now, i supposed you COULD do this without buying a 2500hd cluster but it would be a bit of work to find the parts and put it all together. mainly the gauge face overlay as i hate removing needles. once they get taken off its never perfect again.

    but here's a picture of the chip you'll need. when i removed it, the numbers were upside down on the board. not sure if it makes a difference, but when you install it, you'll want the numbers upside down.

    number on it:
    C005507 --
    519 S Fnr012B

    and then this ceramic capacitor

    numbers on it:

    the other 5 connections can probably be done with some paper clips. and you could probably use paperclips on the original swap instead of desoldering them and swapping over.

    anyways hope this helps some of you guys looking to do the trans temp gauge into your 99-02 and don't want to have to spend a bunch of $ having it shipped off or reprogrammed. i've done research before and the information on these years is pretty limited. i'm pretty comfortable with soldering so this may be on the difficult side for the average person. just take your time and it can be done. took me about 2 hours total.

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