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    Morimoto plates

    Anyone still making these plates for MH1 6.0? I need a set for 2002 SD.
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    How To: NBS Denali headlight Morimoto Mini H1 retrofit + Output pics.

    Anyone still making adapter plates for the MH1 6.0 projectors still? Buddy of mine picked up a 2002 Denali and wants to retrofit. Please either PM or email me at: Thanks, -Rick
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    NBS 99 07 interior thread

    Oh, yeah I'm not sure why it is on in that pic. I probably shot the pic right after starting the truck. It blinks for about 5 seconds and then goes away. I guess if it ever came on permanently, I'd just crush the LED for it. lol
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    NBS 99 07 interior thread

    Here's mine. Mostly stock. Just been trying to recondition most of the pieces after buying my truck used a couple years ago. Esky cluster and shift knob. Not too overkill and wakes the interior up a bit. I originally went with the black face gauge with blue needles but the light output...
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    04 Escalade Console Swap

    Damn that looks amazing. Been tinkering with the idea of swapping out the clock face from an Esky console onto my SD. Will get there someday. Haha
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    New from Connecticut

    Thanks everyone. Turbo kit going in the Regal soon. Would like the drop the SD at some point but too many other projects going on.
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    New from Connecticut

    Hey guys, New to this site but not to the car forums. I'm on a few sites that are GM related (3800 and GM fullsize). My 2002 SD Has a few things done to it but nothing crazy. My 2001 Regal Heads, cam, exhaust, morimoto retrofit and a few other things...
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    For Sale: Denali Morimoto H1 HID Projector Retrofit Adapters

    Is anyone making these plates now? I just got a set of projectors and need adapter plate set. Could make them myself but very short on time.