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6.0 6.0 :6.0:
65wat 65wat :65wat:
:brett: :brett: :brett:
:clarksonbird: :clarksonbird: :clarksonbird:
:codeh: :codeh: :codeh:
:D :D :D
:hamsterstare: :hamsterstare: :hamsterstare:
:sam: :sam: :sam:
;) ;) ;)
Abandon Thread Abandon Thread :at1:
Abandon Thread Abandon Thread :at2:
Adam Adam :adam:
adjusted adjusted :adjusted:
Afraid Afraid :afraid:
Ahhhhh Ahhhhh :ahhhh:
Aksholly Tim W Aksholly Tim W :timw:
Alecks Alecks :alecks:
Angel Angel :angel:
aprobado aprobado :mexiokay:
Are you fucking kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me. :ayfkm:
Are you high Are you high :ayh:
areyousrs areyousrs :areyousrs:
Argh Argh :argh:
assmaster assmaster :assmaster:
badass badass :badass:
Bamf Husky, unlike Jared's fgt pitbulls who sit ar Bamf Husky, unlike Jared's fgt pitbulls who sit ar :bamfsky:
Banana Dance Banana Dance :bananadance:
Banghead Banghead :banghead:
Banhammer Banhammer :banhammer:
Bath Bath :bath:
Bawl Bawl :bawl:
beaker beaker :beaker:
bebbehkayol bebbehkayol :srsbebbeh:
Bebored Bebored :bebored:
Beef Cake Beef Cake :beefcake:
Beer Beer :beer:
Beerglass Beerglass :beerglass:
Bert Stare 2 Bert Stare 2 :bertstare2:
Bertstare Bertstare :bertstare:
Big Tex Big Tex :bigtex:
Bill Nye Bill Nye :billnye:
billeh iz genius billeh iz genius :billeh2:
bird bird :bird:
Birthday Birthday :birthday:
Bishplz Bishplz :bishplz:
Blackkidooo Blackkidooo :blackkidooo:
Blake Blake :blake:
Bleh Bleh :bleh:
boo5ted boo5ted :boo5ted:
Boobs Boobs :boobs:
Bootyshake Bootyshake :bootyshake:
Boxing Boxing :boxing:
Brando Brando :karl:
brettaf brettaf :brettaf:
brokebackcowboy brokebackcowboy :brokeback:
bruh bruh :bruh:
Bubbles Bubbles :bubbles:
Bullshit Bullshit :bullshit:
bump bump :bump:
Burnout Burnout :burnout:
bye bye :bye:
Bye Felicia Bye Felicia :byefelicia:
Calm down Calm down :calmdown:
Calm down now son Calm down now son :calmdownson:
calmdownotter calmdownotter :calmdownotter:
campeekaboo campeekaboo :campeekaboo:
canuck canuck :canuck:
Carlos Carlos :carlos:
Cat Acid Cat Acid :catacid:
Chadslap Chadslap :chadslap:
Chaw Chaw :chaw:
cheeky cheeky :cheeky:
cheeky dance cheeky dance :cheekydance:
Cheeky2 Cheeky2 :cheeky2:
Chin Chin :chin:
Clap Clap :clap:
Clarice Clarice :clarice:
Clay Clay :clay:
Coffee Coffee :coffee:
ColonFeral DatAss ColonFeral DatAss :colondatass:
Come At Me Come At Me :comeatme:
Concentrate Concentrate :concentrate:
Confused Confused :confused:
Conky Conky :conky:
Cool Cool :cool:
Cool Story Brah Cool Story Brah :csb:
coolstarrybra coolstarrybra :coolstarrybra:
corny corny :corny:
Crazy Crazy :crazy:
Creep Creep :creep:
Cross Arms Cross Arms :crossarms:
Cry Cry :cry:
Cuban 2 Cuban 2 :cuban2:
Cute Cute :cute:
Cyrus Cyrus :cyrus:
DancingLemon DancingLemon :lemon:
Dat Bear Dat Bear :bear:
Dat gold Dat gold :datgold:
Datass Datass :datass:
DatC10Panel DatC10Panel :datpanelvan:
Dealwithit Dealwithit :dealwithit:
DemoN DemoN :demon:
Ders Ders :ders:
deskpalm deskpalm :deskpalm:
Destiny Destiny :destiny:
Dew Whut Dew Whut :dewwhut:
Dew Wut Dew Wut :dewwut:
dickslinger dickslinger :dickslinger:
Dito Dito :dito:
Do It Live Do It Live :doitlive:
Do Not Want Do Not Want :dnw:
Doge Doge :doge:
Dolan Dolan :dolan:
Dorsia Dorsia :dorsia:
Double puke Double puke :doublepuke:
drinking drinking :couchbeer:
Driver Driver :driver:
dubstep dubstep :dubstep:
Dylon WTF Dylon WTF :dylonwtf:
Eek Eek :eek:
eekdoor eekdoor :eekdoor:
ejecto seato billeh ejecto seato billeh :ejecto:
Elephant Elephant :elephant:
Embarassed Embarassed :embarassed:
Emo Emo :emo:
Emo Bye Emo Bye :emobye:
Emodoor1 Emodoor1 :emodoor:
engineer engineer :engineer:
Ermahgerd Ermahgerd :ermahgerd:
Evil Evil :evil:
Evil Monkey Evil Monkey :evilmonkey:
Eviltongue Eviltongue :eviltongue:
facepalm2 facepalm2 :facepalm2:
Facepalm[1] Facepalm[1] :facepalm:
FBGM FBGM :fbgm:
feellikeasir feellikeasir :feellikeasir:
FFB Hotness Waves FFB Hotness Waves :ffb:
FGT Cuban FGT Cuban :cuban:
FGT Tyler FGT Tyler :tyler:
FGT Tylers Jeep FGT Tylers Jeep :fgtjeep:
Fight Fight :fight:
Five Five :five:
Flowers Flowers :flowers:
Foreveralone Foreveralone :foreveralone:
fp fp :fp:
freddie freddie :freddie:
Fuck Doyers Fuck Doyers :fuckdodgers:
Fuck Lahey Fuck Lahey :lahey:
Fuck This Shit Fuck This Shit :fts:
fuckinguy fuckinguy :fuckinguy:
Fuckyeah Fuckyeah :fuckyeah:
fulloffuck fulloffuck :fulloffuck:
Gary Spivey Gary Spivey :garyspivey:
Gigantes Gigantes :gigantes:
Gnome Sayin Gnome Sayin :gnomesayin:
Goodnight Goodnight :goodnight:
Google Google :google:
GoOn GoOn :goon:
gorilla gorilla :gorilla:
Got Em Got Em :gotem:
gtfo gtfo :gtfo:
Gunz Gunz :grguns:
Gus Fring Gus Fring :gus:
Ha, Gay! Ha, Gay! :gay:
haha haha :haha:
Haha No Haha No :hahano:
Hahaha Hahaha :hahaha:
Handjob Handjob :handjob:
Handshake Handshake :shake:
Happeh Happeh :happeh:
Happeh Dog Happeh Dog :happehdog:
He mad He mad :hemad:
Heavy Breathing Heavy Breathing :heavy:
Hector Salamanca Hector Salamanca :hector:
Hello, This is Dog Hello, This is Dog :hellodog:
high5 high5 :high5:
Hmm Hmm :hmm:
Hmpf Hmpf :hmpf:
Hnnngggggg Hnnngggggg :hng:
Huell Huell :huell:
Hump Hump :hump:
Hurumph Hurumph :hurumph:
I seen't it I seen't it :seent:
I'll Allow It I'll Allow It :allow:
I'm here for the gangbang. I'm here for the gangbang. :gangbang:
iamdisappoint iamdisappoint :iamdisappoint:
Idea Idea :idea:
ilied ilied :ilied:
IMO IMO :imo:
Is This Real Life Is This Real Life :reallife:
Isaak Sirko Isaak Sirko :isaak:
ItchynScratchy ItchynScratchy :itchynscratchy:
Itsme Itsme :itsme:
j.consuela j.consuela :nonono:
j.fat j.fat :jmo:
J.mojo J.mojo :jmojo:
Jaba The Jmo Jaba The Jmo :jabathejmo:
Jackoff Jackoff :jackoff:
Jared Jared :jared:
Jaws Jaws :jaws:
Jax Jax :jax:
Jelly Jelly :jelly:
Jesse da copycat Jesse da copycat :copycat:
Jesse Pinkman Jesse Pinkman :jesse:
jross jross :notbossross:
jseal jseal :jseal:
Julian Julian :julian:
Kermit Rage Kermit Rage :rage:
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Kittah Aww Yeah Kittah Aww Yeah :kittawwyeah:
Kittah Out Kittah Out :kittahout:
Kittah Stare Kittah Stare :kittehstare:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Llama Stare Llama Stare :llamastare:
LOL LOL :lol:
lolwut lolwut :lolwut:
Love Love :love:
Mad Mad :mad:
Makeout Makeout :makeout:
Manpons Manpons :manpon:
marc marc :marc:
Marchmellow Marchmellow :marchmellow:
Mattherself Mattherself :mattherself:
megustamucho megustamucho :megustamucho:
messican messican :messican:
Mexi Fuck Yeah Mexi Fuck Yeah :mexifuckyeah:
Mind Blown Mind Blown :mindblown:
mirinme mirinme :mirinme:
MJ Popcorn MJ Popcorn :mjpopcorn:
motherofgod motherofgod :motherofgod:
Motion Motion :motion:
My Nga My Nga :mynga:
Nali Nali :nali:
Naughty Naughty :naughty:
Nerd Nerd :nerd:
Nice Nice :nice:
No No :no:
No No No No :nono:
No Wai No Wai :nowai:
nomegusta nomegusta :nomegusta:
None of my business None of my business :business:
nonojest nonojest :nonojest:
Notbad Notbad :notbad:
notsureifgusta notsureifgusta :notsureifgusta:
notsureifsrs notsureifsrs :notsureifsrs:
Oh Hay Guez Oh Hay Guez :ohhayguez:
Oh Snap Oh Snap :ohsnap:
Oh U Oh U :ohu:
Ohhh Ohhh :ohhh:
Okay Okay :okay:
omg omg :omg:
Orly Orly :orly:
Orly Hawk Orly Hawk :orlyhawk:
Osama Bin Jmo Osama Bin Jmo :osamabinjmo:
Patrick Bateman Patrick Bateman :patrick:
patriot patriot :patriot:
Pedobear Pedobear :pedobear:
Pepper1 Pepper1 :pepper:
Pimp Pimp :pimp:
Pissed Pissed :pissed:
Pls Pls :pls:
Plz Plz :plz:
Plz 2 Plz 2 :plz2:
Poker Face Poker Face :pokerface:
popcorn popcorn :popcorn:
Pow Pow :pow:
Pray Pray :pray:
Proud Proud :proud:
Puke Puke :puke:
Purfeck Purfeck :purfeck:
Questionmark Questionmark :questionmark:
quickly quickly :quickly:
Racist Racist :racist:
Randy Randy :randy:
rapevan rapevan :rapevan:
Read Read :read:
Reddy Reddy :reddy:
Redneck WTF Redneck WTF :redneckwtf:
Repost Repost :repost:
Ricky Ricky :ricky:
Rock Rock :rock:
rofl rofl :rofl:
rofl fp rofl fp :roflfp:
Rofl Tank Rofl Tank :rofltank:
roflcopter roflcopter :roflcopter:
Rofljest Rofljest :rofljest:
roflmaononojest roflmaononojest :roflmaonono:
roflpow roflpow :roflpow:
roflpuke roflpuke :roflpuke:
roflsad roflsad :roflsad:
roflshrug roflshrug :roflshrug:
Roflsquared Roflsquared :roflsquared:
Royals < Giants Royals < Giants :kcr:
Salty Salty :samsalty:
samtech samtech :samtech:
Santaclaus Santaclaus :santaclaus:
Saul Goodman Saul Goodman :saul:
Scared Scared :scared:
Science Bitch Science Bitch :bitch:
Scott Scott :scott:
Scum Bag Steve Scum Bag Steve :sbs:
Secret Secret :secret:
Secretshake Secretshake :secretshake:
Security Security :security:
Shads Face Shads Face :shadsface:
Shakehands Shakehands :shakehands:
ShallowPedantic ShallowPedantic :shalped:
Sheep Sheep :sheep:
Sheit Sheit :sheit:
shifty shifty :shifty:
Shit Mobile Shit Mobile :shitmobile:
Shitty Bill Shitty Bill :shittybill:
shitwagon shitwagon :shitwagon:
Shot Shot :shot:
Shrug Shrug :shrug:
Sir Catfield Sir Catfield :sircatfield:
Skewter Skewter :scooter:
Slap Slap :slap:
Sleep Sleep :sleep:
Slorg Slorg :slorg:
Slug Slug :slug:
smiggs smiggs :smiggs:
Smiggs Smiggs :smiggals:
Smile Smile :)
Smokin Smokin :smokin:
Sneaky Med Sneaky Med :sneaky:
Snormo Snormo :snormo:
soclose soclose :soclose:
sohardcore sohardcore :sohardcore:
somuchwin somuchwin :somuchwin:
Spend Spend :spendmonies:
stir stir :stir:
Stupid Stupid :stupid:
Suicide Suicide :suicide:
suicide2 suicide2 :suicide2:
Sup Brew Jus Chillen Sup Brew Jus Chillen :supbrew:
SuperTrooperFU SuperTrooperFU :suptroopfu:
Swag Monkey Swag Monkey :swagmonkey:
Sweat Sweat :sweat:
Sweet Jesus Sweet Jesus :sweetjesus:
tableflip tableflip :tableflip:
takeoffeh takeoffeh :takeoffeh:
Tard No Tard No :tardno:
TayHo TayHo :tayho:
Thanks Thanks :thanks:
The More You Know The More You Know :themoreyouknow:
Thefinger Thefinger :thefinger:
Think Think :think:
Thumbdown Thumbdown :down:
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :thumbsup:
Tim's Husky will fucking murder Jared's ugly ass p Tim's Husky will fucking murder Jared's ugly ass p :tdog:
Toilet Toilet :toilet:
Token Token :token:
Tomato Tomato :tomato:
Toodaloo Toodaloo :toodaloo:
Top Top :up:
Troll Troll :troll:
Troll Dance 2 Troll Dance 2 :trolldance2:
Trolldance Trolldance :trolldance:
truestory truestory :truestory:
truth truth :truth:
Turbo Hump Turbo Hump :turbohump:
Turbo Rofl Turbo Rofl :turborofl:
Turninggay Turninggay :turninggay:
Turtle Turtle :turtle:
U Avin A Giggle M8 U Avin A Giggle M8 :avin:
U mad U mad :umad:
U Wot M8 U Wot M8 :gingerwotm8:
Uh Oh Uh Oh :uhoh:
Uh Oh Shrug Uh Oh Shrug :uhohshrug:
Video Tapes Video Tapes :videotapes:
Vinnie Jones Vinnie Jones :vj:
waazaap waazaap :waazaap:
Walter White Walter White :walter:
Wank Wank :wank:
wat wat :wat:
Wave Wave :wave:
Wave2 Wave2 :wave2:
Wavey Wavey :wavey:
Waymond Waymond :waymond:
welcome welcome :welcome:
whalecum whalecum :whalecum:
Whisper Whisper :whisper:
whoa whoa :whoa:
Whoa Bruh Whoa Bruh :whoapanda:
Whuts wrong wif da customer Whuts wrong wif da customer :ffbcs:
Withstupid Withstupid :withstupid:
woodplow woodplow :woodplow:
woot woot :woot:
Word Word :word:
Worship Worship :worship:
Wot Cat Wot Cat :wotcat:
Wtf Wtf :wtf:
Yarly Yarly :yarly:
Yawn Yawn :yawn:
Yuno Yuno :yuno:
Zkeetsm Zkeetsm :skeet:
Disappointed Disappointed :disappointed:
:dean: :buttonpusher: :dean: :buttonpusher: :dean: :buttonpusher:
Birdman Birdman :birdman:
Charlie Charlie :charlie:
Cunt Cunt :cunt:
Demon the engineer Demon the engineer :demonengineer:
FFUUU2 FFUUU2 :ffuuu2:
Idiot barrrf Idiot barrrf :barrrf:
Send It Send It :sendit:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Suicide3 Suicide3 :suicide3:
Triggered Triggered :triggered:
Triggered 2 Triggered 2 :triggered2:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
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