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  1. Cee Lap
    Cee Lap
    Rebuilding a 4.8 for a Sierra Classic
  2. DeanH1290
    Sam still wont sell SDM - "I KnOw WhAt I'vE gOt"
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  3. TheBrettster
    Samb = liberace gay
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  4. Silver04
    Nothing has changed, Samb is still gay af.
  5. barrrf
    Its likely Sam has won salegay of the year
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  6. Tim W
    Tim W
    samb identifies as the regional manager of all gays in his area
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    2. SamCarroll
      assistant to the regional manager*
      Feb 4, 2019
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  7. TheBrettster
    Samb identifies as a gay
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  8. Colby
    Colby Jared
    Hey man your Sierra is sick. What drop were you running? Looks like a 2/4 maybe.
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    2. Jared
      I was running a 5.5”/8” with coilovers up front
      Feb 10, 2019
    3. Jared
      If you’re talking about the picture in my sig, I think that was 3/5. That truck had a lot of suspensions the 4 years I had it. Check out the build thread for additional information. Hope that helps.
      Feb 10, 2019
  9. SlowHoe
    SlowHoe ScottyBoy
    I have a question. You probably haven't done a cluster other than GM ones but how much would it be to do dark blue LED's on a 2005 Magnum interior?
  10. Jose
    Jose Ginger
    Hello Ginger. I am interested in some plates for a Denali retrofit. Can I get a set for the H1 7.0?
    1. Ginger
      I only made them for the 2.0. i havent made them for anything newer.
      Oct 9, 2018
  11. Jose
    Jose Khaos
    Hello Khaos, I am new to the forum! I came across it because I am trying to do a retrofit for my 2005 Denali, and I saw that the Morimoto H1 is a common projector to use in this retrofit, but apparently I need the projector plate. I checked out some of the threads and many of them are closed or have links that are no longer active. can you refer me to someone that still sells them, or an active thread?

    Thank you!
    1. Oktain
      Oct 30, 2018
  13. Isaac
    Isaac Jared
    Hey Jared I was looking at your GMC. I have a 06 Silverado. I’m currently ordering 20” wheels with 295/45/20 falken ziex which I saw you had in another post. Basically I want to know if they’re too big or if they fit well. I’m doing a 3/4 drop.
    1. Jared
      295 may be a tad wide. Sorry it took so long to respond I rarely get on these days. I ran a 275. 3/4 is mild but may still rub at full lock
      Sep 28, 2018
  14. 2009RCSB
    2009RCSB Smith
    Hi - Im doing the same 4/7 mcg's drop as you with 275/45/20 tires on my 2009 RCSB. No rear frame notch at this time. Does yours have any tire rubbing or does the rear end hit the frame often as my set up will be almost identical to yours. What about the need to notch the bed under the rear axel. Appreciate any advise Thanks, Don
    1. Smith
      Just now seeing this.....When I had the 275/45's it didn't rub at all from what I can remember, it did smack frame at times in the rear though depending on road conditions/what I was hauling but not enough to notch anything. I still haven't notched anything to this day but I do have some spots on my rear inner fenders from where things have bottom out and rubbed with my 275/55's.
      Sep 19, 2018
    2. 2009RCSB
      Thanks very much, I will stick with 275/45/20 given your experience
      Oct 12, 2018
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  15. zoob25
    zoob25 dszx13
    Hey I found a post you were involved a few years back. I just had some 20” stock Silverado rims decladded and powder coated. My center caps do not fit. Do you suggest taking that plastic chrome off the cap? Any help would be appreciated. Kenny
    1. Tim W
      Tim W
      there's no stock center caps that fit decladded wheels, you'll have to build something custom or deal with having no caps
      Aug 20, 2018
    2. Smith
      I believe that he used the caps and silicone or something such as that. Try private messaging him and he might answer faster as these are sometimes not seen.
      Sep 19, 2018
  16. TheBrettster
    Sam has colluded/meddled with men.
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  17. Khaos
    CGM: SaM LiKeS mEn Me, an Intellectual: Samuel's bhole enjoys the company of a man's penis.
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  18. Dropped03
    Dropped03 Wicked Mayhem
    Bro, you are SERIOUSLY hard to get in contact I hope this works. I found a thread with your white CC a few days back and I've been trying to reach out to you ever I was wondering if you cared to answer a couple questions about it. Thanks for your time man.
    1. Khaos
      Try instagram if you have it. He's Wickedmayhem on there
      Aug 3, 2018
  19. Silver04
    10/10 doctors agree with the previous comments
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  20. DeanH1290
    10/10 Dentists agree Sam uses fresh semen for toothpaste
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