ROTM Nominations - August 2017

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  1. Oktain

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    Welcome to the August ROTM nominations for 2017.

    Please read the rules in yellow.

    The way this works is pretty simple.

    For a ride to be eligible for nomination:

    • For this month, all LIFTED GM vehicles are eligible.
    • Winners are not eligible until the next year, January of 2018.
    • Rides that were voted on last month but did not win are still eligible for the following month.
    • Members MUST be active, meaning that if they have not logged in within the last month leading up to nominations, then they are ineligible.
    • NO photoshopped pictures. Minor color tweaks and cropping/rotating are acceptable since they are not major changes, but INSTAGRAM photos or anything with grainy ass vintage filters and fake focus will not be accepted. This could give that person an unfair advantage.
    • NO TAPATALK HOSTED PHOTOS, either post from your computer or name your nomination and post picture later. Tapatalk does not support the embedding of their photos, so each of them has to be re-hosted.

    What's next after nominations close?

    • In the interest of maximizing the number of rides that can be nominated/win during the year, now all nominations will be accepted for the ROTM voting, up to 15 vehicles max.

    Now get to nominating. Post the member's name and which ride you're nominating as well as a picture of that vehicle and the specs.

    Picture must be "recent", as in the way the truck sits is the way it gets nominated. If it had an SS bumper last year but now it's a Pre-runner... it's the pre-runner version getting nominated. Only exceptions are crash or theft victims.

    New this year, members can nominate more than one vehicle, and more than one vehicle per nominee can be entered, to a maximum of 3. For example, both 04SSHD's Deville and C10 Panel could be nominated at once.

    Also, in an effort to boost interest in ROTM, members can now self-nominate. If you think you've got what it takes, toss up your favourite picture of your vehicle. No Instagram posts please.

    Winners (and ineligible until 2018):
    - BB
    - Jonmx477
    - Bagged_Sierra
    - barrrf
    - Bayousam
    - Nasty
    - bgray

    Remember. You MUST post a picture of the ride you are nominating. Please contact the member you are nominating afterwards in case they want to change the picture you chose.

    Nominations will close in 7 days of this original post, and we'll get to voting!

    Please post the vehicle owner's USERNAME so we don't have to go hunting for correct spelling. I realize a lot of us are on a first name basis with many of the members here but it makes it easier for us to keep track. Thank You.
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    Myself. 20507218_1448319388583388_7179386514095422068_o.jpg IMAG0531.jpg
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    I'm I to late? lol
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