OBS Suburban lowering

Discussion in 'Lowering Tech' started by bgray, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. bgray

    bgray Stylish Canadian

    Hey fellas,

    Picked up the minty 199 2wd suburban last week, my dads gonna cruise it in florida, but we need to lower it badly.

    Upon initial thoughts, 4/6 drop and were good. Now looking into it, belltech kit is a 7" rear and you have to change the front hanger. DJm is a 5" rear and you have to change the front hanger. Does anyone know why, with the same components, there is a 2" variance between those kits?

    Ive never had a OBS platform before, so any help would be great appreciated!
  2. BB

    BB Well-Known Member

    It's been 13 years since I've lowered an OBS. But from I recall, I put new hangers and shackles on with a 4" rear drop. Pretty sure they were the front hangers.
    Why? That I don't know. I just remember having to do it.

    The Burb is rad as hell. You should post some pics in here!

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