Gauges not working --99 Silverado

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by EMMJAY, May 14, 2016.


    EMMJAY New Member

    Thought it'd be worth a shot asking if anyone has dealt with the problem I'm having right now, 99 silverado with the 5.3. One day I was working on an air line (it's bagged) and I went to start the truck up and it would fire up but then stall out, security light flashing 3 or 4 times and then the battery light. The cluster will light up, but none of the gauges are working. Researched a little bit about the passlock system and thought it had to be reset, went through the reset procedures and nothing worked. So I took it to a tuner and had him delete the vats from the ECM and it fires up and runs. The gauges still aren't working, I've checked and cleaned all of the grounds I could find and even did the splice into the ground from the cluster harness and make a new one trick, still no gauges....anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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  2. dszx13

    dszx13 Well-Known Member

    Try swapping in another cluster that you works an see what it does

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  3. Ginger

    Ginger Bubbles

    my guess is the BCM got shorted, and needs to be replaced and programmed.
  4. Bassmaster

    Bassmaster Media Mod

    May sound weird.. But check the radio fuse under the hood. When swapping my console, something tripped, and the truck would fire up & kill itself instantly like that. But No electric worked.

    Just pulling and inserting that fuse back fixed whatever it was. Other than that I have no useful input on what it could be lol

    EMMJAY New Member

    Do any of you know if an 07 cluster will plug into a 99??

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  6. ScottyBoy

    ScottyBoy The LED Man

    No, it needs to be a 99-02 cluster. While a 03-07Classic cluster may look VERY similar and it even plugs in, it is NOT compatible and can actually cause you to end up frying other shit. The wiring architecture changed in 2003, so pretty much nothing electronic or electrical from a 2003+ will work on a 2002 or older.

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